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Great Plains

Storm Shelters

In Ground Shelters - Steel Units

In Ground Steel Shelters are backed by a 20 year warranty against leaking or floating. All Great Plains Storm Shelters meet FEMA safety standards.

Height 6'3"

  Width Length Price*

Recommended  Occupancy**

6' 6' $4599 6-8
6' 8' $4799


6' 10' $5499 10-12
6' 12' $6299 12-14

Steel in ground shelters come in many sizes. Let us help you find which shelter will fit your needs.

Interested in additional options?  Ask us for details and prices. 1-918-352-6143

Height  6'8"

  Width Length Price*

Recommended  Occupancy**

8' 8' $6199 10-14
8' 10' $6999


6' 12' $7999 16-20
6' 14' $9299 20-24

Ask us about easy access options.

Concrete is used to secure all steel shelters to insure safety and placement.

*Prices include safe room, of size listed, delivery within 50 miles of Tulsa, and standard installation and sales tax. Price is subject to change and will be reflected in the contract prior to approval.


**Recommended Occupancy is seating room for adults. There is additional standing room for additional adults.